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Setup, print, and sign your roster here. First, make sure to download the PDF (NESA Waiver and Affidavit Form) attached below. Sign and date. Next, fill out the roster form. Add all of your players and fill out the information completely. Once you submit the form, this will be emailed to the email address you entered. Print this out and have all of your players sign this.

Bring both the signed NESA Waiver and Affidavit Form and your 2016 printed and signed roster to your next event.

And as always, Love The Sport, Love the Game


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NESA Waiver and Affidavit Form

All team managers and base coaches must sign the form above to compete in New Evolution Sports Association events. Please download the form, have all parties sign and bring with your printed roster.

Or you may use the Roster Form to your left to sign up online.

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